LendScout by American Security Mortgage is a home-finance solutions team proudly based in Charlotte, NC. 

With a combined 45 years of mortgage lending experience, our team has created a hassle-free process to get you approved and into your home quickly. Through responsive, empathetic, and reliable communication, we minimize the potential for errors and keep you informed every step of the way.

Meet Our Team

MLO # 961156

Email: plaraway@1asmc.com

Home Finance Specialist


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Email: ksteele@1asmc.com

Team Leader / Home Finance Specialist


Email: kyle.steele@1asmc.com

Home Finance Specialist


MLO # 2000695

Email: kleak@1asmc.com

Loan Officer Assistant



Home Finance Specialist

Email: sperkins@1asmc.com

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MLO # 2248179


Home Finance Specialist

Email: abergstrom@1asmc.com


Loan Coordinator

Email: mcruz@1asmc.com


Loan Coordinator

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Email: nredman@1asmc.com

Loan Coordinator

Operations Manager


Email: kevin.steele@1asmc.com

Email: ytucker@1asmc.com


Loan Processor

As part of the American Security Mortgage family, we are able to provide all lending resources directly to you and without delay. We have established strong working relationships with a list of top-tier agents, appraisers, and attorneys all across the region, and pride ourselves on creating a truly unique, stress-free lending experience for you. 

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, experienced homeowner, looking to get into investment purchases, or are looking to refinance your current home, our team is committed to creating a home finance solution tailored specifically to you.